Laptop Screen Replacement

It happens. You drop your laptop, it slides off your lap, maybe the dog hit the cord and it flew across the room. Or, in the case of this one, an ex-boyfriend drove a pen through the screen (yeah, really). After 15 years, we’ve seen it all. And, we can fix it for LESS! We’ve also got extensive experience in repairing broken screen hinges and physical damage!

DC Jack Replacement

This is pretty common on laptops, especially those with a few years on them. The jack where you plug in the power cord gets loose, and eventually won’t charge the laptop without being propped up on something. We’re replaced hundreds of DC jacks over the years, saving them from the trash heap!

PC *AND* Mac

Under our roof, these two get along! We’ve been servicing Mac’s from the beginning, and have a great working relationship with Apple!


Gaming Systems

This one’s a passion for me. I absolutely love building systems. Sure, you can grab a standard off-the-shelf Dell or whatever, but a custom-built system, if done right, can get you several more years down the road, with better and faster components! Plus, you get longer warranties and a system that’s built to suit your needs!